FLOWatch is focused on developing meaningful solutions to resolve the data management and reporting challenges faced by water/wastewater utility managers, industrial facility managers, environmental consultants, regulators, and researchers.

FLOWatch offers "out of the box" products as well as customized solutions. Our products feature a high degree of scalability and customizability. Our wide array of services are aimed at meeting your current and future needs. 


  • Operational Data Tracking

    • Define the data that needs tracking 
    • Log data either manually or through automation 
    • Integrate LIMS, SCADA, and field data

  • Asset Management

    • Record and log asset details
    • Manage maintenance schedules
    • Extend useful life of assets through better management

  • Big Data Analytic / Real Time Modeling

    • Consolidate and centralize your data into one system
    • Run calculations and real time modeling

  • Compliance & Management Reporting

    • Instantly generate reports for compliance and management
    • Create customized reports to suit specific reporting needs


The FLOWatch team has over 100 years of combined industry experience. We are well tuned to the needs of the market and understand constraints faced by our clients.

FLOWatch’s patented technology is proven and recognized. We were awarded the Delaware Emerging Technology Center’s (ETC) Most Innovative Technology Award.

Our applications is well-received and is praised for being intuitive and easy to use. Our application interface is user friendly and follows a structure that is recognizable and relatable.

Big Label software and solutions are usually priced at a premium. We aim to help facilities of all sizes, and are therefore, affordably priced even for the smallest of facilities.

Though our solution is “out of the box”, its architecture inherently allows it to be customized to suit your needs. You define your parameters, log your data and generate the reports according to your requirements.

Our Products

FLOWatch 3.0, a Web-based Operational Data Management System

Our Services

Implementation, Customization, Analytics