FLOWatch 3.0 is a fully integrated operational management software combining operational, asset management reporting and tracking. It provides utilities, industrial, and chemical facilities managers with the ability to manage key operational data from one centralized location.

Cloud Web-Based Solution

FLOWatch is accessible across multiple platforms (desktop, tablets & mobile) and web browsers (IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc)

Core Applications

FLOWatch 3.0 possess all 4 core applications: 

  1. Operational Data Tracking
  2. Compliance & Management Reporting
  3. Big Data Analytics / Real Time Modelling
  4. Asset Management


Unlike traditional software solutions, FLOWatch is constantly evolving and updated with new features and functionalities.

Vendor Neutral

FLOWatch is vendor neutral able to integrate with different systems (LIMS, SCADA, GIS)

Operator focused

FLOWatch uses a bottom up approach that empowers operators with the right tools to increase efficiency.

Unlimited Users

FLOWatch allows for unlimited number of users. Individually control access for each user.


FLOWatch's user interface is intuitive and easy to use. It is easy to understand and master.